Why do people raise their hands in worship? And, is there a right way to do it?

Leah had a son, and she named him, Praise! That son was a great, great, great… grandfather of David, who was a great, great, great…grandfather of Jesus! Praise runs, eternally, in the family of God!

Yadah Praise: To revere and to worship with thankfulness, to confess, to lift the hands, or to shoot forth the hands.

Yadah praise, like Towdah praise is an expression of thankfulness. However, Yadah praise is more testimonial or confessional, and not so much sacrificial. Yadah is the root word from which Towdah is taken, and the two words are similar.

Yadah praise is an outward expression of joy in confessing the nature of God. David appointed his worship ministers to offer Yadah and Halal praise twenty-four hours a day before God (1 Ch. 16:4). The Halal and the Yadah are often linked in scripture. “Now O God, we give you thanks (Yadah) and praise (Halal) Your glorious name. (1 Ch. 29:13).

Yadah praise, like Towdah, means to extend the hands. However, Yadah, with its inherent exuberance means to shoot forth the hands, rather than merely extend them as an offering. Yadah praise is fist-pumping kind of praise. How many times have you heard these words?

“Put your hands in the air! Now wave them around, like you just don’t care!”

That is the true-to-scripture act of Yadah praise.

So, there are two expressions of praise that relate specifically with raising hands, Yadah means to shoot forth the hands and/or wave them around; and Towdah means to extend the hands as one would in giving a gift. That pretty much covers it. There is no wrong way to raise your hands in praise. What is not right, however, is if you feel compelled to raise your hands in worship, but shy away from doing so for whatever reason.

Yadah praise part of Jesus’ earthly heritage. Leah, Jacob’s wife, was the mother of four sons who became four tribes of Israel. When Leah’s fourth son was born, Leah praised God saying “this time, I will praise (Yadah) the Lord. So she named him Judah (Gen 29:35).” Judah means praise. David, the Old Testament’s praise champion was from the tribe of Judah. Jesus, who is praise