What’s with all the shouting? I just want to express my praise to God quietly. When people shout, it sometimes takes me off guard.

God gave me a promise – if I will shout his praise over my children, they will know what God tastes like, sounds, like, and feels like; and so, the best of what the world has to offer will taste sour, sound hollow, and feel empty in comparison. Is this really a promise of God?

Shabach Praise: To address in a loud voice, exclaim, triumph, glory, to shout.

Shabach praise is a victory shout; it is loud and unmistakable. Shabach praise glories in the Lord’s goodness and love (Ps. 106:47). However, in spite of its loud and powerful nature, Shabach praise also pacifies and soothes, even “stills” (Ps. 89:9). Therefore, Shabach praise is actually a peace cry, a loud exclamation of security in God.

Ps 145:5 says, “One generation will praise (Shabach) thy works to the next.” A different translation says, “One generation will shout (Shabach) your works to another, and they will tell of your mighty acts.” Shabach praise shouts the mighty works of God into the next generation. It exclaims, in no uncertain terms, what God is like. And, as Ps. 145:7 promises, that next generation will know his abundant goodness as a result.

Shabach praise can sometimes catch us off guard, just like the way our parent’s loud and unmistakable voice brought instant order to certain circumstances in which we we might have been when we were kids.  Those kinds of shouts can sometimes take us off guard. Shabach praise says, “Hey! God is in control and we are his children!”

There are times when we need to go on the offensive in worship, shouting down the strongholds of the enemy. In those instances, we employ other expressions of the shout, such as war shouts like the Israelites raised at the walls of Jericho.

Shabach praise is not so much a war cry as it is a victory cry, which is why it is always appropriate during praise times. But, make no mistake; a shout, by definition, is loud and triumphant and unmistakable. Shabach praise cannot be offered quietly.