I am not sure about people dancing around or doing other crazy things in worship. It just seems a bit undignified. 

David danced with all his might before God. He went nuts, really nuts! But David didn’t care what people thought about him. David knew that God was worthy of crazy praise!

Halal Praise: Raving, boasting, clamorously foolish praise that radiates and shines, to act madly.

Say the word, “hallelujah,” and people seem to know what you mean. “Hallelujah” is one of, if not the, most widely used and understood terms in the world, in any language. Hallelujah, broken down, is Halal (praise) lu (the) Jah (Lord). Jah refers to Yahweh (God). Halal means praise.

What most people don’t realize is what kind of praise we are talking about when we say, “hallelujah.” To Halal means to rave, to act madly, to go crazy, dance wildly, to boast in the Lord, and to visibly radiate God’s light (to shine). Halal praise is not only audible, but it is also visible.

David made a daily habit of Halaling the Lord. David danced with all his might before God in praise, causing even his wife to become ashamed of his undignified praise (2 Sam. 6:16). David not only declared, but also demonstrated that God was worthy of complete self-abandonment in praise (2 Sam. 22:4). And just to be sure that there is no mistaking what this word, Halal, actually means, the same word is used to describe David’s theatrics before King Aschish of Gath when David was running from Saul (1 Sam. 21:13) and he pretended to be totally insane.

To Halal is to boast in the Lord. To Halal is to become so self-unaware that we care nothing for what other people think and praise God with all our might, zeal, and passion.

Halal is the root word for Tehillah. Like Tehillah, Halal praise manifests God’s presence in his worshipers. By definition, Halal praise radiates God’s light. Ps. 40:3 says “many will see” the praises of God and “will put their trust in the Lord.” Halal praise is praise that people can see.

When we quit becoming offended at other people’s passion, we will begin to understand what God requires of us, that is, total self-abandonment. Even stark raving madness in praise is acceptable to God at certain times.  Can I get a “Hallelujah?”