Victory Church on the Rock

Loves to worship

So what is this artwork all about?

7 different Hebrew words in the Old Testament are translated as “praise” in our English Bibles. Each word has a unique meaning as well as specific implications as an expression of praise.

Each expression of praise is a manifestation of God’s Word when we conform to it in worship. Each word also carries an inherent physical action, all of All of these which are appropriate when we gather to worship together as we do on Sunday.

Artist, Tatjana Elgersma, created these works.

Barak Praise: To bless, to salute, to kneel or bow down.

Halal Praise: Raving, boasting, clamorously foolish praise that radiates and shines, to act madly.

Shabach Praise: To address in a loud voice, exclaim, triumph, glory, to shout.

Tehillah Praise: a spiritual song or hymn of praise, a spontaneous or unrehearsed expression of praise, to spontaneously sing.

Towdah Praise: Thankfulness, confession, sacrifice; to extend the hands.

Yadah Praise: To revere and to worship with thankfulness, to confess, to lift the hands, or to shoot forth the hands.

Zamar Praise: To make music, sing praise, to pluck or strike the strings and sing, to play a musical instrument.