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Victory Church On The Rock

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Shepherd’s Care Vanguard Seniors Home Outreach

Where: 10311 – 122 Avenue. Edmonton, Alberta

What & When:
– Praise & Devotions with Rita; every Thursday @ 10:00AM on the 2nd Floor. A time of fellowship, singing, a short devotional, and prayer.
– Victory church service every 3rd Sunday (if not a statutory holiday) of the month @ 2:00PM on the Main Floor. A time of fellowship, singing, a message, prayer, and sometimes communion.

Vision: The Vanguard Seniors Home Outreach fits well in the Victory Church On The Rock heartbeat to; Serve, Love, Lead.

“Be merciful to those who doubt; save others by snatching them from the fire; to others show mercy,” Jude 1: 22-23a (NIV)



Victory Church on the Rock is a founding partner of Victory Christian Academy. Victory Christian Academy was founded in 2012, and is located in Poipet Cambodia. The school is the vision of Harley and Makara Voogd. Victory Church on the Rock continues to support this ministry.
“Our mission is to provide a higher standard of Christian education to Poipet’s poor.
Currently, the education system in Cambodia is not sufficient to educate the nation’s children. Teachers are paid poorly and not many young people want to train to become teachers. There are numerous private schools being built around the country, but only the wealthiest of families can afford to send their children to one of those schools.
Our school, working alongside the local church, provides that higher standard to the poor by supplementing the public school system with additional education in various subjects, such as: Bible, English, Math, Science, Life Skills, Art, and Khmer (the Cambodian language).”

Victory Church on the Rock continues to support Victory Christian Academy.

Harley, Makara and Noah

World Missions Continuum

Began as a children’s home for orphans of the Vietnam War. Thirty years later the ministry has grown into a church planting movement across Southeast Asia. World Missions Continuum, led by Al and Terry Purvis, now serves through schools, Bible colleges, children’s homes, as well as simply being the light of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Victory Church on the Rock is very active in the support of this mission continuum.

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