It’s Not OK!



The Government of Alberta is attempting to quietly push through a new set of guidelines that, if implemented, will endanger Alberta students and remove parental rights.  Your voice, along with thousands of other parents’ voices across Alberta, must be heard to Say No. An information site has been set up outlining critical issues with the guidelines and details on what you need to know and how you can act.

SchoolkidsWe need to speak up against the proposed legislation, not against the children or families working through the challenges of gender identity.  The recommendations of the government and the way in which they are going about it needs a strong and clear response from each one of us.  The proposals are irrational, immoral, and damaging to all children. Regardless of whether you have children or only grown children you need to be aware of what is being proposed so you can give your voice to this discussion in an informed manner.  This will affect you – these same children will grow to become our leaders and decision makers in the decades to come!