Fort McMurray Fire


God Be With The People Of Fort McMurray

For many of us it’s another day, but for about 90,000 people from Fort McMurray it’s not. For all the people who are scrambling to help them, life may never be the same either. This like this don’t easily fade from memory. I don’t know why it takes a disaster to bring us together but I’m blessed to see the outpouring of aid from people all over Canada. It’s moments like these that make me proud to be Canadian. There is no short-term fix here and we need to be in the game with these folks for a long time. We can’t just rely on the government and insurance or the Red Cross to see them through. They need the personal touch of those who’s hearts are filled with compassion for them. This is the long-term aid that they need. Let’s continue to hold them in prayer and do what we can to help rebuilt their lives.

Paraphrased from Pastor Morris Watson, Member of the VCI Board of Directors & Canadian National Chairman May9,2016 Facebook post